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I played this game a while back! Loved being the FOREST GOD! got lost, but still lots of fun!


This game is magic, it's so stunning! It has so much potential and it's amazingly relaxing when you play it!
Thanks for developing this amazing game! To all nature-lovers out there, get this game and support the developers!

I had a go in my let's play video above here! Hope you enjoy it. Leave a comment if you have any suggestions or games I should play. And subscribe for daily indie game let's play videos!
Thenkshooo! (~ ̄³ ̄)~


This game is absolutely beautiful! The artisitic style is what first attracted me to it. And then once I realized I could play like I was the Forest Spirit from Princess Mononoke, I was sold! Thank you for making this game, and I sincerely hope that you make more like it. I hope you enjoy my playthrough that I uploaded as well.


What a beautiful and beautifully made game. I admit I did have to resort to a youtube vid to help me at one point as I could not for the life of me figure out what I was doing but that entire game was so worth it. I can't believe something so detailed and amazingly put together was free! Thankyou, and well done indeed, I loved playing this.


Ounce you go into the world of Niva, you feel like it's hard to get back out of this wonderful but colorful place. The game really has brought my curiosity to explore every new area while also the music is so calming and relaxing which made it such a nice environment to play. A few glitches here and there but it's a over all really cool game, and maybe if it had an option to interact with some of the creatures in the game which can make it even more fun for small mini side game stuff.


Ganz wunderbar <3 Die Steuerung ist zwar etwas ungenau beim Springen (Gamepad), und manchmal steckt man in den Meshes, aber das sind nur kleine Wehwehchen, die man locker wegstecken kann. Die Schönheit der Welt und des Gameplays überwiegt :D


Herzlichen Dank fürs Spielen und für das nette Feedback! :)


A beautiful world, love the creatures and the plants. Just had to much difficulty with the camera and getting stuck. Has potential.





I must admit this was an amazing game!!! very beautiful and elegant in its own way. I'm happy I played it :)


A very beautiful and calming game. The puzzles wern't too hard nor too easy. I really enjoyed playing this :)

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Absolute lovely game! A few issues with the controls and some tweaks could be made to the gameplay, but overall, it was an absolute pleasure to play and you have my thanks. Good luck with this game and any others you work on down the road. I look forward to seeing them!

I Really Wanna Play But It Wont Download For Me

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What's the problem? Did you download it from here, the site or with the client?

ME TO i tried like 5 times


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I must admit, It was really really REALLY hard for me to click the exit button once i finished the game for the first time. It still is to and i've now played it multible times.

I must ask HOW? how is it possible for somone to create such a beautiful game and then acually be ok With giving it out for free. If i could i'd send a 50 dollar donation at the minimum


Thank you very much for your nice comment, we really appreciate it!

Although some people encouraged us to offer NIVA for a small amount of money, we decided against it, not only because the game still has some teething problems and we didn't have the time to fix them within the scope of a student project, but also because we felt like offering our game for free matched our vision of the game very well. So we hope in this way we can enable as many people as possible to find a source for peace and relaxation within NIVA.


It doesn't pick up my controller, even after I used Xoutput to emulate the 360 controller from my controller. Also the camera seemed to not able to change in height on the mouse after a while. Other than that, it's a really great game and really pretty! I like exploration and that it can be done at my own pace.

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I did some video footage on my Twitch channel. You guys can check it out through this link: NIVA 11min Preview 2016 12 15


Loveing this, very well made. Great work!

I don't know what to feel about this game; I like it a lot, but I feel like it not done yet. First off I would like a story or something that tells me who I am what I am why I'm there and what I have to do. Also, this is a game for the use of a controller you can use a mouse and keyboard, but it doesn't work so well. The info about how to do stuff is showing with a controller, and I feel like it would keep a lot of people away from this game. And sometimes I fall over som glitch like I was falling through the ground, so I was under the ground.


wow just wow, very refressing feel.


The beauty and art in this game is incredibly astonishing!! I cannot praise this enough!!! So beautiful!


Stunning environments and a nice relaxing vibe. I covered this as part of my weekly Indie Freebies piece for Gaming Respawn:


Thank you for this well summarized and nicely written article, we're flattered!


Wirklich schönes Spiel :)

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Great looking game! I see what you guys mean about play with a controller however! Either way, I made a lets play video of it!

how long is the average gameplay on this? I'm a partnered streamer and would like to feature this game. :)

If you don't already know how to solve the riddles, the average gameplay will be about 45min to 1h 30min, depending on how much time you take to explore the whole forest. We would be happy to be featured by you. :)

I'll be playing the game tonight on stream part of my indie game night :)


Amazing&beautiful. But it is so easy to get lost......

cant play it :(

Please contact us via our website and tell us your hardware specifications and operating system and why exactly you can't play NIVA, so we can try to solve your problem.


Look at all these positive comments Good Job!!


omg ı finnishd the game 15 mın its eazy but perfect

The app won't download even though I have Windows 10. It says, "there was a problem during setup: socket hang up" ??? idk what that mean but I bought the game already but now I can't use the app to play it, any suggestions on what I should do?

We are sorry, we couldn't reproduce that error. If you still have problems please contact the support or download the game directly from


Dear followers! Thank you for your support and all the kind words!

We wanted to let you know that we started a raffle where you can win a free custom artwork! There are two days left to participate. For details visit:


I absolutely love the game and the detail are so pretty :D

I would like a small character creation, that would be so cool!

But i have a problem, i don'tknow how to save or when it saves or ifit is even possible but i had to play everything 3 times again already :/ Can someone please respond :D Keep up the amazing work :3


The game does not provide a save option, so you will need to redo solved riddles when reloading the game. We know this is a bit of a nuisance, but it wasn't possible to implement a save option without sacrificing a lot of our production time. So we decided against it since the game can be played through easily within one session.

Thank you for playing and for your kind words!


Thanks! i can't solve the riddles because i am stupid xD but i hope you guys update soon so it will be an even more amazing game :D


Amazing game, this deserves more players good job team niva ! :)


The control sensitivities are in desperate need of improvements, but there is so much potential in this game. I absolutely love it.


It's amazing, but it needs some fixes. Like collision on some hills, a save feature, control improvements.


Looks like a great game my try it out when i get back home from work


beautiful game! love the aesthetic and the gameplay is fun! But, the camera controls using a mouse on a pc are sluggish and floaty. Will continue to play this game but more options to make the camera a little more responsive and not inversed would be a great improvement!


Thank you!! You can invert the camera in the options menu (press start/esc, select Options, check X or Y axis).


Just played it. What a amazing experience ! Instant-buy ! Maybe you could greenlight it on steam. :D

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Amazing game, love the vibrant colors as well as the Music, had a Fruits of The Feather feel, got my vote as the most epic relaxing game EVER tho :D so thumbs up! haha here is my experience if anyone needs more convincing! There might be tons of things I did not figure out so if anyone has things they have done as well that I haven't please lemme know haha :D

I'm absolutely bewildered by this game but can't make any sense of what I'm meant to do or why I want to do it. Maybe it's that I'm using the PC controls and it would make a lot more sense if I was playing the game as intended, but as of now I'm just completely missing the point of what would be an incredibly unique and compelling experience. I really, really want to get this game, but all I can really see after about 20 minutes is that I can make things grow and shrink for no real reason.

So my feedback is this: I didn't understand. I'll never know if I would have liked this game.

Also there's something weird about collision while jumping. I haven't got screenshots or anything, but I was able to jump through the ground in some places. It wasn't a huge impact on my experience, but it's... a thing.

Thank you for making this incredible game. I wish I was able to get a hold on the objective.


The game doesnt tell you what to do because you're meant to explore and find out.

It's sad people are getting lost when the game doesnt hold their hands with a displayed quest objective or a marker or minimap.

Wrong. I've been gaming my entire life and especially enjoy indie games for leaving more open to interpretation and analysis. There's just a difference between leaving something to be discovered and designing a level that doesn't properly communicate itself to the player. You can't presume the player to be wrong or unintelligent because they took a direction away from the main objective of the game if you gave them the option to walk away from it. This game serves as a perfect example because I spent a fair amount of time combing over the same small areas spamming both positive and negative energy at anything that would react to them. Given that I have the ability to move around and use those two abilities, it's frankly disappointing when nothing significant happens when you use all three of those actions. And to clarify, I did eventually move to other areas to see if I was supposed to just skip past what I had been combing over, and what I'm saying is that I began to question whether it was really worth my time to keep trying to do something significant if I could just go and play a game that had a little more direction. It's just not rewarding to spend 20 minutes wandering around aimlessly.

That may be the case, but then it's a problem specifically affecting you. I figured out what to do in 10-15 minutes while exploring several areas and managed to complete objectives right after. It really isnt that difficult.

Yeah maybe don't pull that macho git gud crap here. That standard rant on people nowadays needing to be led by the hand is a tired routine, proved wrong at every turn. You're confusing streamlining, which is good, user-oriented design, with over-simplification. You must be quite desperate to prove you're clever if you have to resort to a comment thread on itch.

I dont see how "you can figure it out within 15 minutes" is "macho git gud" crap.

There are literally hints drawn on the ground indicating where you have to use your powers, I dont see how that's not self explanatory design?

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